Artwork Specs

    File Submission
    For Postcards, Business Cards, Flyers and Brochures:
    Front and Back documents should be set up as two separate pages.
    Please provide cover page (front and back) and interior pages as separate files.
    Please do not set your project up as a 2-up or 4-up etc.....

    File Format
    We prefer to receive PDF files whenever possible.
    Here is a link to our free PDF generator

    Files must be either a PDF, JPG, TIFF, EPS, or flattened PSD. If your files are a vector format or PDF please include a .jpg proof for the front and back or request an email proof. If files can not be flattened, you must create outlines for your fonts. Please make sure that all images are imbedded and not linked.

    All files should be converted to CMYK. If files are submitted in RGB we can not be responsible for any color shift.

    Please be aware that some PANTONE colors do not convert well to CMYK. If you are concerned about how your project's color is output please request a printed proof.

    Black Color:
    For true rich black colors please set your black to
    Cyan: 40%
    Magenta: 40%
    Yellow: 40%
    Black: 100%

    All files need to be at least 300 dpi in resolution or more. Resampling low resolution files to 300 dpi will not print any better.

    Although a cut margin is required, we recommend that your files should also include an 1/8" bleed. This makes your file's overall size 1/4" larger in width and height. Bleeds do not cost anything extra and insure a better quality product in regard to trimming.

    All files should be double checked for spelling and layout. We are not responsible for spelling errors.

    Contact Us

    What mailing list format should I send you?
    The best file formats to send us for your mailing list are either Microsoft Excel or a tab or comma delimited text file.

    The most common file formats and extensions for mailing lists are:
    - .CSV Comma Delimited
    - .TXT ASCII text file
    - .XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
    - .DBF Data Base Management File

    Call us at (503)684-2679 if you're not sure how to create these formats. We can walk you through getting your address list into a viable file format.

    What Mailing fields can be utilized in the mailing address?
    Listed below are the most commonly used fields in a mailing address. Not all of these have to be used. Ones you might not use are Prefix, and Suffix, and if the mailing is not for business purposes Title and Company. We can not use an Address 3 field.

    Possible fields in a mailing address:
    *Special coding
    Prefix FirstName MiddleName LastName Suffix
    Address 1
    Address 2
    City State Zip
    (We will apply the bar coding)

    *Special coding can be utilized for many purposes. Examples are subscription renewal dates for magazines or news letters or coding for participation in contests.

    Don’t worry if you don’t know the zip code. When we CASS Certify your mailing list the correct zip code (5+4) will be inserted if it is a deliverable address recognized by the USPS.

    If you have special addressing needs or have any questions call us at (503)684-2679